Decentralized drainage

On 22.12.2000 the European Water Framework Directive came into force. It requires an improvement of the water quality of public waterways and in particular of the groundwater by 2015. The result of this is that it will in future be necessary to make use of new, innovative systems for the cleaning of rainwater runoffs.

In the case of our road gully BUDAVINCI® with integrated waterway protection, the space required for rainwater treatment has been reduced significantly. The rain runoffs from traffic areas are sustainably treated at the place where they arise and can be discharged into flowing or stationary waterways. The construction of expensive centralised rainwater clarification tanks could be dispensed with and areas saved could be additionally used.

BUDAVINCI® – a product for the future!

Straßenablauf zur
dezentralen Entwässerung

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ökonomisch, ökologisch, zukunftsweisend