MeierGuss | Group

The family-owned company MeierGuss stands for foundry products “Made in Germany“ and has been one of the market leaders for decades, in particular in the area of drainage technology and tree protection systems.

The MeierGuss-group includes the following operating companies/locations:

MeierGuss Sales & Logistics
GmbH & Co. KG
Rahden | Sales, Administration, Development/Design & Model making
Limburg | Sales, Development, Concrete plant and Logistics
Varl  | Concrete plant, Logistics and Procurement department

Heinrich Meier Eisengießerei
GmbH & Co. KG
| Production

MeierGuss Limburg
GmbH & Co. KG
Limburg | Production and Administration

Staporkow, Poland
 | Sales company


Production & Administration

Auf der Welle 5 – 7
32369 Rahden


Production & Logistics

Elzer Straße 23 – 25
65556 Limburg


Concrete factory & Logistics

Varler Straße 32
32369 Rahden



ul. Piłsudskiego 101,
26-220 Stąporków


… is not about keeping ashes;it means keeping a flame burning.

 Jean Jaurés


Our fast-moving world requires a high level of flexibility and the ability to innovate. The MeierGuss product development department is equipped with the latest technology. Creativity and know-how are applied to the development and improvement of our own products and product lines, always keeping pace with the times.

Individual customer requirements can be rapidly and professionally dealt with thanks to our in-house prototype construction. In this case, 3-D CAD developments ensure optimal implementation of all our tasks and problem definitions.

Fully coordinated

The MeierGuss iron foundry is without a doubt one of the most modern and most efficient in the drainage technology segment. Immaculate cast products, which are either further processed in the warehouse as cast iron articles or in our in-house concrete works as con-crete/cast iron goods, are manufactured using perfect interplay between high-technology equipment.

High Tech

Drainage technology and tree protection systems are segments which are subject to extreme deadline and cost pressure. That means all the production processes must mesh perfectly. Efficient, motivated employees, complex high-tech equipment and many years of experience are garantees for a smooth process and maximum reliability as regards quality and on-time delivery.


MeierGuss products are oriented on market requirements both at home and abroad. Well-known customers, in the commercial as well as in the public sector, place their trust in the high quality, functionality and long life of MeierGuss products.

„Made in Germany“


Even a manhole cover can be a work of art. Covers with a motif are among the „fine arts“ of manhole covers.

In this context MeierGuss enjoys a reputation for meeting its customers‘ re-quirements with creativity and sensitivity. After all, a cover with a motif should be a source of pleasure for many years.

In harmony

Fire and water are the contemplementary elements that symbolise the cycle of life and ensure the future of life on our planet in a very practical way.

As a forward-looking company, MeierGuss attaches a lot of importance to environ-mentally-friendly production processes, careful use of resouces and the development of products that contribute to protecting and preserving the enviroment.When technology is in harmony with nature, it plays its part in save-guarding our habitat.