Cast street sewer fittings

As a rule manhole covers and frames are only noticed when they are defective or rattle. But manhole covers and street drains play an important part in safety in road traffic and for a functioning drainage system..

Our products feature a lot of outstanding characteristics – products of which we are proud and which in recent years have become more than established in the market. Due to our extended warranty for externally monitored cast fittings for street sewers we safeguard not only the high quality, but in particular also the cost effectiveness of our durable products. MeierGuss is in this case well-known for its brand name products such as MEILEVEL®, MEITOP®, BUDATOP®, BUDALOCK® and MEIDRAIN® and hence as a competent and dependable supplier.

Manhole covers

We offer a wide range of manhole covers for different installation areas from class A15-F900.
All products are conform DIN-EN 124 and produced in our production locations in Germany.
Our manhole covers are made of ductile iron, grey iron or combination of cast-iron and concrete.

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Gully Tops

Gully tops in standard load classes C250, D400 and F900.
Measurements in 300×500 and 500×500

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Special Products

Products for special uses, i.e. MEISTOP® or BUDAPRESS®

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