Cable duct manhole covers

In order to meet the requirements of the future, modern networks for energy and communications are indispensable. MeierGuss  cable duct manhole covers ensure safe and reliable access for construction and maintenance of networks for lighting, energy supply, communications and supply lines in public spaces, in industrial plants, in railway installations, in docks or at airports.

Our cable duct manhole covers are produced for different loading cases ranging from Class B 125 – Class F 900. Moreover, in our range we have cable duct manhole covers which meet the requirement of surface water tightness. These covers can also be used on flight lines where they come into contact with kerosene or de-icing agents.

For applications where light covers, one-man-operability and safety at work matter, MeierGuss has, with the cable duct manhole cover MEITOP®, developed a product which meets these requirements in an ideal way. The MEITOP® cable duct manhole cover is characterised by safety hinges which are insensitive to dirt and which, when being opened, slide into a safety position. For closing, the covers do not have to be raised so that the demands made on weight-optimised covers are met in an outstanding way. MeierGuss cable duct manhole covers are characterised by quality, safety, function and durability.